Jakarta International Language Center has become one of the best place of learning languages and tuition

Company Profile

Less than one year, we finally discovered one of the best education place to learn languages in supporting the needs of learners which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta International Language Center today has become the best language place for many students around the world. With fully confidence, and the blessing of Allah this JILC released this year. We do not only focus on language learning but also a tuition which could be a friend to your kids while there is school problem. Sending tutors to your home, office or even online becomes the most popular demands which is easily understood by our costumers. Besides, we also support the group learner for those who feel convenience in learning languages. So, those all are our offers, you choose! Here we are. Welcome!

Our Programs

Providing Private teacher to your home or office

This program is very special for you. We provide a very professional teacher with a special need of you comfortably

Providing teacher for group learners in your home or office

The convenience towards socialization in group discussions also becomes best choice to learn languages or tuitions

Online Private learning via platforms in your convenience

This program has become a new way to cross the world barricade. By supporting of many kinds of platforms, you can study face to Face from camera to camera.

Online group learning

This program is one of effective way for those who are not convenience in individual

Our Instructors

We provide the professional instructors which have already had experience in teaching the languages. Besides, we also provide the specialist of each languages and subjects

Our Available Courses

School Subject Lessons

General English, Business English, TOEF/IELTS

Bahasa Indonesia








Art and Craft

Public Speaking


Teacher for students with Special needs

Providing Teacher for school

Many more (depend on the customer request)


Feedback and Responses

If there is any issue, ideas and and feedback about our institution you can contact us at management@jilcedu.org

Work with Us

You are kindly invited to work with us by sending your cv or resume with full picture to teachers@jilcedu.org and all positions are available.

Contact Us

Email: language.courses@jilcedu.org

Whatapp:+6287711496978, 081213879030

Instagram : jilcedu

Facebook : Jilc Edu

Our Locations: Based in Komplek Citra Indah Cluster Amanda block V20/005, Bogor Indonesia